Do you have warm or cool undertones?

Posted by Kimberly Mitchell-Catlett on 1/16/2017 to Fashion
You found the perfect sweater! It is a gorgeous bright pink that will go so well with your collection of blue bottoms and you know it will be a new staple in your closet. You get ready for work, so excited to sport your latest find. You pair your new sweater with an awesome pencil skirt and the perfect shoes, and stand in the mirror ready to admire your chic fashion sense. To your surprise, something isn't quite right, so you change your shoes, and then your skirt, and then your shoes again. You try adding a necklace and then finally run out of time and settle for what you have on. Sound familiar? Often times it isn't the shoes, the skirt or the accessories. It's the color of the clothing that conflicts with your skin's undertone.

I had several tops that I pulled out of my closest repeatedly to wear because I loved the style. And every time, I end up changing out of them. It took me a long time to figure out that the color was the problem. It wasn't my body, or my make-up, and I wasn't having a bad hair day, it was a color that was making me look and FEEL bad!

Finding the right colors that complement you starts with knowing what you skin undertones are: WARM (yellow, green or light brown), COOL (pink, red or blue) or NEUTRAL (a mixture) . People with warm undertones should stick to warm colored clothing while people with cool undertones should stick to cool colors. And people with neutral tones can really wear anything but look best in muted tones rather than bright colors.

Here are five great tips to help you determine your skin undertones...

1: Paper Test
Set your hand on a blank piece of white paper. Take note of the how your skins looks in comparison to the paper. If you notice a pinkish or bluish hue, then you have cool skin tones. If you notice that your skin appears more yellow, green or brown, then you have a warm skin tone. And if you skins looks more grey or ashen, then you have a neutral skin tone.

2: Natural Hair & Eye Color
Your natural hair color and eye color can give you a clue about your undertones. People with brown, hazel or amber colored eyes and your hair has red or gold tones such as strawberry blond, auburn or black you are most likely warm-toned. If you have blue, green or greyish eyes and blond, brown or black hair with ash tones, you are more likely cool-toned.

3: Jewelry Test
We all have our preferences on which color jewelry we like to wear, gold or silver. But really looking at which on looks best against your skin can help you identify your skin tone. If you skin looks better against gold jewelry, you are probably have a warm undertone. If it looks better against silver, then you more likely have a cool undertone.

4: Vein Color
While looking at the bottom side of your wrist and arms, notice the color of your veins. People with veins that appear more blue or purple tend to have cool skin. While people with green veins tend to have warn skin. If it's really hard to tell what color your veins are, you may have a neutral skin tone.

5: Do you burn?
If you burn easily, your are more likely cool toned. If you tend to tan or not really change color much, you are more likely warm toned.